Outstanding Writer

Year 5’s outstanding write this week is Declan. He wrote a fantastic newspaper report and his presentation was brilliant. Good job Declan!

Pupil of the week

Year 5’s pupil of the week for this week is Joseph. He always works hard and gives everything his best shot!

WW2 Day

Year 5 had a fantastic time yesterday, when they invited Mrs Conyard in to teach them all about WW2. They learnt about rationing, propaganda, the Enigma code and even learnt about games played during WW2 to keep people occupied during bombings. I think the favourite activity must have been trying on all of the outfits…

WW2 Recipes

Year 5 enjoyed baking carrot cookies and finishing their boxes today. They worked on nets to create their box and made prototypes to make sure their finished product was perfect. They measured out their nets carefully to make sure it would fit together. The finished products were fantastic! Good job Year 5. 

Harvest Festival

A huge well done to everyone at Parkside for their wonderful performance in the Harvest Festival. The performances were fantastic, it was clear that everyone had been practising. Good job everyone!

Pupil of the week

Congratulations Blake. You’re such a hard worker you deserve to be pupil of the week.  Keep it up!

Outstanding Writer

Well done Joseph, you really impressed me with you newspaper report. You included all the key information, good job!

Eden Camp

Year 5 had a fantastic time at Eden Camp today in the sun. They have learnt so many new things about their topic (WW2) and asked lots of questions. Well done on your behaviour today, you’ve made us at Parkside proud!