The Solar System

Year 5 have been very busy creating their own Solar System.  Here they are proudly showing you their finished piece:

Freeze Frames 

All of the class had to do a freeze frame that they had chosen in Miss Biles’s story. Roberta sat on Michael’s back and found a pebble in their freeze frame. Roberta said “it was a lot of fun but quite nerve racking doing it in front of the class.”

Space Food

Today we’ve been learning about the food eaten in space. Before we designed a meal we discussed the difficulties astronauts might find with their food in space. We then designed our space meal, taking these problems into account as well as what foods are needed for a healthy diet, using the eat well plate for…

Sports Day

We all had a fantastic time at sports day. A huge well done to all the children who participated. Thank you to everyone who came and supported.

Planet Posters

Year 5 have been showing off their computer skills this afternoon in the cool of the ICT suite.

School’s Yorkshire Tour

Parkside had a fantastic time participating in School’s Yorkshire Tour. They had a royal send off with different schools waving them off. Parkside displayed their fantastic banner, designed by Anna Rushton. Come and see all the cyclists in Friday’s celebration assembly collecting their medals. A huge well done to everyone who took part! 


Year 5 are making their own planets using papier-mâché. Can you guess which planet is which?