Parliament visit

Today, those children who went to London had a talk about Parliament.

They learnt about what it was to be a member of Parliament and what happens in the Houses of Parliament. They discussed possible ideas they would take to Parliament and they debated these ideas.

Mackenzie suggested the school day should be made shorter. This bill was discussed and the majority of the class decided to pass this bill.


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  1. Michael says:

    It was fun learning about the houses of parliaments so thank you for letting us know about it and for 2, I learned lots more than I did before. Thanks for arranging that for us Miss Biles.


  2. Wow! I think if you’re serious about making the school day shorter then that means you are all going to work twice as hard when you’re in school! Very proud of you all, and the man who came from Parliament was so impressed with you. He commented on your behaviour and excitement about learning!! Definitely the best school in Barnsley!!


  3. Shruthi says:

    We had a great time studying the Houses of Parliament and I really enjoyed it so thank you


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