Goodbye Year 5! šŸ‘‹

Dear Year 5, Thank you all so much for a fantastic year. You’ve all worked so hard and really impressed me. Your perseverance, manners, kindness and love for learning have really shown how wonderful you are. Although I’m going to miss you, I can see that you’re all growing up fast and are ready for…

Music of The Planets

Year 5 have been using music to represent a planet. First we listened to examples by Gustav Holst, now we’ve been using a range of instruments, considering the mood of the planet. The practise performances have sounded wonderful, I can’t wait to hear the finished pieces on Monday!

Year 4’s PerformanceĀ 

Year 5 had an amazing time watching the Year 4s perform Boudicca’s Rebellion. The performance was flawless and it was no surprise that they have received rave reviews. It’s clear you put so much time and effort into every aspect of your performance. Thank you for inviting us to your spectacular performance and a huge…

Parliament visit

Today, those children who went to London had a talk about Parliament. They learnt about what it was to be a member of Parliament and what happens in the Houses of Parliament. They discussed possible ideas they would take to Parliament and they debated these ideas. Mackenzie suggested the school day should be made shorter….

The Solar System

Year 5 have been very busy creating their own Solar System.  Here they are proudly showing you their finished piece:

Freeze FramesĀ 

All of the class had to do a freeze frame that they had chosen in Miss Biles’s story. Roberta sat on Michael’s back and found a pebble in their freeze frame. Roberta said “it was a lot of fun but quite nerve racking doing it in front of the class.”

Space Food

Today we’ve been learning about the food eaten in space. Before we designed a meal we discussed the difficulties astronauts might find with their food in space. We then designed our space meal, taking these problems into account as well as what foods are needed for a healthy diet, using the eat well plate for…

Sports Day

We all had a fantastic time at sports day. A huge well done to all the children who participated. Thank you to everyone who came and supported.