Library Trip

Year 5 had a very interesting trip to the library. They researched their topic in the range of books. They also had an extremely interesting talk about WW1, linking to their topic of WW2 last term. The children got to try on clothing from the war time and even got to shoot an unloaded, disactivated,…

Pupil of the Week

Oscar is always a fantastic role model at school. Keep it up Oscar.

Pupil of the week

Well done Kyle. You’ve tried so hard this week and really impressed me with your work. Keep this up!

Outstanding Writer

Congratulations Robert. Your text about Blackpool was fantastic. You included the key features and paragraphs. Well done!

Head Teacher’s Award

Well done River and Lewis for achieving the head teacher’s award. You always do the right thing and work so hard. I’m so proud of you. Keep it up!

Anderson Shelters

Year 5 have designed and created their own Anderson shelters today. They enjoyed testing these.

Outstanding Writer 

Congratulations Kayleigh! You’ve tried so hard with your writing for so long, you definitely deserve this.