Amazing Homework

Year 5 have really impressed me this term with the quality of their homework. Keep up the hard work!


Well done to Katie who wrote a fantastic poem this week. Ellie is a perfect role model and works hard with everything she does.

Good Job!

Well done to Connor for achieving pupil of the week. Connor has worked the hardest I’ve seen him work this week. Congratulations to Declan for achieving outstanding writer. He wrote a detailed adventure story that included all the key features.

Well Done!

Congratulations to River, you’ve written a fantastic adventure story. I can’t wait to read the end. Well done to Oscar, who is a fantastic role model to the class.


Well done to Robert who achieved our writer of the week. He tried really hard when writing his own adventure story. Keep up the hard work. Congratulations Skyler, you are a fantastic role model. You work so hard and have such a good relationship with the class.

Good Job!

Well done Alexia, you wrote a fantastic argument! Congratulations Ellie. Your effort in our debate was impressive!

Good job!

Well done to Katie for achieving pupil of the week. You were so welcoming to new pupils. Good job Joe. You’re writing constantly impresses me. Keep it up!

Times Table Rockstars

Year 5 are loving our new times table rockstars app. They get to challenge their classmates and upgrade their avatar using coins they’ve earns from practising their times tables. Don’t forget Parkside, you can play at home as well as in school.

Wonder Woman

Fantastic outfit for our fundraiser today Katie. Good job!

Well Done

Well done to Leo for achieving Y5 pupil of the Week. Leo has worked hard and impressed me by the quality of his answers. Keep it up! Good job Ellie, my Writer of the week. Your report about our rainforest was well presented and had all of the key features, good job!


Remember to practise your spellings! Spellings: brilliant constant elegant expectant giant hesitant observant pleasant quadrant tolerant  


Well done to Bailey, his fable was so detailed and well punctuated it had to be our text of the week. It also contained a very important moral. Joseph is the perfect role model. He works hard and never gives up. Good job Joe!